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New cool things from MASH. They always impress me. Looks like they did a small redesign for themselves also.


Poster Type

Some beautiful posters from Charles Bergquist. I know ISO50 just posted about him, but I couldn't resist! Definitely go to his site and view his videos. They will blow your mind.

Album Type

Leslie David
Sweet blocks of type.


Die Cutz

Research Studios
Possibly the prettiest die cut I've ever seen in my life + a gorgeous gold foil stamp. LOVE.

Letters Of The Day

Mike Deal
For Zoo York.


Collage Type

Alexis Mackenzie
Top: Dreaming Is Easy
Middle: Never Be Sad
Bottom: It Matters To Me


Business Cards

Business Cards
These I will hand stamp. I don't know if I will stamp the back side though.. that would be very difficult to carve.
Fonts: Tall Films

More Stamps

See? It's a sign! I bought a few small linoleum cuts that I am going to carve my logo onto. So excited!
Sorry, I lost the link for these guys. (Hopefully I can find it later.)



Lemon Curd Label
My mom makes the best lemon curd in the WORLD. And I'm not just sayin' that cuz she's my mom. It's true. So I told her that if she agreed to sell her lemon curd at the farmer's market, I would make her some really cute labels. And here they are! I just don't know what to put them on... I was thinking about going to the recycling facility in Seattle and grabbing as many cool glass jars as I can. Organic and recycled. Man, she could sell these for $20 a pop!
Well I'll post some pics when they're all done and glued.
(Two bottom pics from Terrain, a really cute home and garden shop!)
Fonts: Avenir Next LT Pro & Learning Curve



Andy Luce
I am in love with stamps. Not the tacky stationary stamps you get at JoAnn fabrics, but the good kind. Andy's stamps are so pure and handmade looking. I used to make stamps all the time with erasers and an X-acto knife. My senior year I made a stamp for the cover of the yearbook. It was pretty rad. Maybe I should pick it back up again...


Vox Populis

Maricor Maricar
Alphabet people. They are my favorite.


This Is How You Do Hand Drawn Type

Chris Piascik
Just pure type.

Good Designer Of The Day

Julian Hansen
Top: Zimmer typeface design
Middle: Really cool type graphic
Bottom: Step back to see the message


You Are/I Am Postcards

They sent a bunch of post cards with the words "you are" and "i am" to people so they can draw fun things on them and send them back in. These were some cute ones. Here are more.