Typography Served

Typography Served
My work has been featured on the front page! Awesome. I always go to Behance's Type Site to find inspiration for blog posts on good typography.


German Type

Those Germans really do have the best taste in type. I'm just always a sucker for transparent color blocks, overlapped type, and Courier New.


Ribbon Type

Sean Freeman
I just love this poster.


December 2010 Wallpaper!

Download here!
Here's the new wallpaper. Late as always, but festive as ever! It's the last month of the year, so I'll have to figure out what next year's theme will be... any suggestions? Maybe I'll get dirty and do all hand drawn type! That would be fun.


Skate Type

Dan Cassaro
I don't know why I'm calling this "skate type". It isn't really, but I guess it just reminds me of it. I usually hate typical skate type. It's so trendy and urban. But this stuff is solid. I love that cover he did for Shipwrecks of the Modern Age!


The Loved One

Hannah and Landon, one of my favorite lifestyle blogs just launched a new vintage lingerie project! Beautiful. I want everything. And their logo is very cute also.