Poster Type

Adam Hill
I love his performance posters. Each one is absolutely perfect down to the very last tittle. Click on them to enlarge!


Logo of the Day

Matadog Design
Concept: A+     Execution: C-


Retro Poster Type

Paul Tebbott
I'm always feelin' the simplistic colors and shapes Tebbott uses in his designs. The type is really just there as a backup.  Isn't it so wonderful how the choice of a type face can totally date a certain design?


Sweet Type

New jewelry favorites. Not too expensive, and they have really great T.T. (typography taste)!


Foral Font

Fountain Type
New beautiful font from Fountain Type called Foral Font. Designed by Rui Abreu. LOVE.


These Pics Don't Need Type

Andrey Yakovlev & Lili Aleeva
I'm sorry about this non-type related post, but it's just one of those rare occasions I just can't pass up on. Sometimes I don't have much patience with fashion photography. Gorgeous girls and fancy clothes usually seem to do the trick for everybody. But Andrey and Lili have such a different vibe, it's enthralling. Just take a look through the first 10 shoots (at least) on Behance and you'll see.


Letters Of The Day

Top: Adam Larson
New York, US
Just f***ing gorgeous. (click to see bigger)

Bottom: Ei Ka
Moscow, Russia

80s Type

Estudio Ritxi Ostáriz
I love this design studio for its severe Emigre syndrome. Their style and typography are so 80s modern it makes me grin.


Free Fonts

Here's some nice free fonts I always like to find for you guys:

My Kind of Type

Pablo Moreno
I mainly like Pablo's work because he uses thin fonts, places multiplied text over gorgeous imagery, and makes his own stamps. 3 out of 4 of my favorite things.


New Mix: HOME

New 8tracks mix! {listen here}

Mix includes: Crystal Castles, The Knife, Air, Caribou, Empire of the Sun, Fever Ray, Washed Out, & Billie Holiday.

Font: Univers


Sign Type II

This is a sign I painted for the shop I work at called Endless Knot in Belltown, Seattle. Free-form type! Yeah!

Also a "yeah!" goes out to me having internet finally! It's been over 2 months and I was starting to get extremely depressed. Fortunately, that doesn't need to happen. I will start blogging daily and posting monthly wallpapers and playlists, so don't you worry! Oh, and not that anyone cares, but I got a new kitten! Maybe I will incorporate her into a design 'cuz she is super super cute of course. Her name is Moose.

Nothing But Good Fonts

A very excellent design firm with very tasty font choices.