Handbound Books

My friend Chris and I want to start hand-binding sketch books and then I found this girl who is just f***ing pro at it and I'm so jealous! I didn't realize there's so many different ways to bind. I am very excited. Off to the crafts store!

New Mix: old skewl

New 8tracks mix! {listen here}

Mix includes: Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, Jefferson Airplane, Nico, Paul McCartney, Rodriguez, Nancy Sinatra, The Seeds, & David Bowie. Enjoy!

Font: Bodoni Poster


Neon Type

Meryl Pataky
Neon signs are awesome. Especially when they double as works of art.

Package Type II

This is for the girls. I've always admired their package design and general brand identity. It is totally my style. I just wish I could afford to buy more of their products!


Mountain Type

Just some of the drawings that came in for this week's assignment. From top to bottom: Aaron Bloom, Chloe Scheffe, Chelsey Scheffe.


Witch Photography

Alison Scarpulla
Whenever I post something not related to type, you know it's going to be good. Alright, so I'm pretty sure this girl is f***ing crazy, but her work is just beautiful.
(click to see large!)


TWDT: Week 3

This week's drawing was my choice! Here were the requirements:

// Mountain
Dimensions: 288px X 360px (72dpi)
Colors: Cream (Rgb: 239/234/216) Red (235/84/53) Purple (109/49/101) & black
Other: Illustration must include the word “mountain” and use at least 3 of the colors 
Due: Friday October 22nd (10/15/10) 5:00pm

So if you want to participate, or just see what others have done, 
click here! If you dont know what I'm talking about click here!

Font: Akzidenz-Grotesk BQ


Web Type

I usually hate animated websites, but every one of these are simply works of art. I haven't seen so many beautiful websites by the same firm before. Of course they are mostly all fashion sites, but still. Wonderful. I suggest looking through their portfolio. Every link leads to gold.

ALSO: My friend Christopher just sent me this link on how to avoid orphans on webpages. Highly recommend giving it a look see!


New Mix: I HATE YOU.

New 8tracks mix! {listen here}

Mix includes: Arcade Fire, Nurses, Cold War Kids, Bodies Of Water, Of Montreal, Calvin Harris, The Whitest Boy Alive, The Temper Trap, Styx Tyger, Electrelane, Stereolab, The Radio Dept., Phoenix, Husky Rescue, Dr. Dog, Cut Copy, Blonde Redhead, White Hinterland, Pearl Harbor, & Grandaddy. Enjoy!

Font: Code

Poster Type II

Renee Fernandez

Logo Type

Astronaut Design
Some beautiful logos and type work from some guy named Vyacheslav.