GO FONT UR SELF* is a completely type gallery in Australia. They show all of the best type artists from calligraphers to tattoo artists. It looks like so much fun! I'd love to have my work there someday. Click here to go to their blog.


Catalog Design

Sascha Timplan
I work at the Endless Knot, a clothing boutique in Belltown. Everyday I see way too many awful catalog designs. Some companies just don't have the budget for hiring designers apparently. Here's a great example of how to do it right. I wish I could flip through more of these beauties...
Also, Sascha is a wonderful type designer. Check out her website.


Natural Type

Sasha Prood
I wasn't going to post about this talented girl out of jealousy, but my friend Wyatt had to go and remind me. Very lovely.
If you all remember I did a project with a similar concept. You can check it out here.



Our show was a big success!! I heard a tip from high up that someone from AIGA said it was the best show they had EVER been too! It was really fun and exciting, but I'm glad it's over. Check out my website at Let me know of any mishaps in any browsers and I will get right on it!
Also the show website has been launched. Visit SCCA Portfolio Show 2010 to see everyone's work in my class.


SCCA Porfolio Show: Episode 4!

SCCA Portfolio Show
So. This is the end. The show is tomorrow and the official website is launched tonight. Man, has it been a rough road. But we are almost there!
Not blogging for 5 days straight just goes to show how busy and stressed out I have been. My website is almost ready for public viewing (although it will never really be completed). And soon enough this blog will move to its own site. I'm a little nervous...
Well anyways, everyone has worked so hard so I am hoping everyone can show up for the show Wednesday or Thursday. There will be tons of cool stuff and lots of food! Hope to see you there!

Tips & Tricks For Designers

For class we do this thing where someone shares something useful with everyone else. Something not everyone might know. For instance we had someone come in with a bunch of delicious food items and conjure up healthy snacks for us kids who just sit in front of the screen of death all day long. Someone else shared how to create a card that slides out the bottom when you pull up the top. My friend Dane brought in a bunch of tie-dying stuff and tie-dyed some of his nicest undies.

You get the picture. So this week is my turn. I don't have anything too crazy, just some useful information and good links to share.

First is an article that the blog It's Nice That posted just recently. It consists of a list of testimonials from recently graduated student designers, what they're up to, and their portfolio site. Really, really interesting and useful. <Part 1>  <Part 2>

Next is a very tiny list of blogs I frequent for good design shit:
* No Talent Cunt
* 1983 • Did you catch that?
* The Strange Attractor

And last is a very obvious one, but I figured I'd bring it up in case there is one person who doesn't know. Behance Network  is really important for us to get on once we are done with school and have all our portfolio shit together. It is basically a secondary portfolio for us creatives. You can post all of your projects and get feedback and praise. Also, it's a good place to list your website and your availability status.

Well, I hope at least one of these was helpful! Good luck all graduates this year!


New Mix: 'lectric

New 8tracks mix! {listen here}

Mix includes: Midnight Juggernauts, Washed Out, Air France, Gorillaz, Oberhofer, Cut Copy, Ladytron, Fol Chen, Lone Pigeon, Dot Allison.

Fonts: Tall Films

Web Type

Gorgeous site by Simon Duhamel. La Crème is a wonderful example of good typography usage on websites that are not Flash. Everywhere you look is like a spread in a beautiful magazine. I'm never crazy about intro pages, but this one isn't too bad or distracting. I wish I spoke French...



My friend Chris just finished his animation of me and him having an interesting conversation. Probably the best thing you'll ever watch.

Prints Now Available!

I finally have some of my prints available to buy on etsy! The first was just a print of one of my drawings and the second is a print of the first letter of Flora Font. If you email me saying you saw this from my blog, I will give you a $5 discount!