Early June!

I made you guys a new wallpaper! It's early because Monday is Memorial day so there won't be a post. Click {here} to download. Again, I made 7 different sizes. Even one for you iPhone users. Enjoy!

SCCA Porfolio Show!

My class is finally graduating this year and we are having our themed portfolio show in June! It is open to the public and it is sure to be a fantastic show. The design was actually co-created by my good friends Ana and Dane and the video was made by my friend Chris. Everyone should go!! We are really excited and glad to be done with school. Click here to go to the official website where you can see all of the videos and samples of student work.


Layout Photography

I'm almost finished taking all of my photos for my portfolio and I just came across this interesting way of displaying magazine layouts. I am assuming they have them on some sort of board taped to a stick and attached to the wall. All I know is that it's really cool looking.


Signage Photography

Matthias Heidrich aka Hearbeatbox Photos
Beautiful film photographer who just so happens to have a thing for signage.


New Mix: Sweet, Sweet Love

New 8tracks mix! {listen here}

Mix includes: Best Coast, Taken By Trees, The Cure, The Arcade Fire, Bibio, Tegan And Sara, Nada Surf, Donna Lewis, The xx, & Moby.

Fonts: DIN 1451 Std


Lollipop Typeface

Gorgeous identity package.


Album Type

Mario Hugo
I will probably post more of his work in the future. He has an extensive client list.


Layout King #2

More genius from Xavier Encinas

Illustrated Type

Jonathan Zawada
So beautiful! He did this for an issue of Monster Children.
{click images to see detail}


Hair Numbers

Daniela Carvalho

Logo Of The Day

Christian Wieners aka thnwmd
This is a fictional logo for Koga Miyata. It is gorgeous. That's it.


Identity Type

Mucca Design
Beautiful identity design and packaging from Mucca Design. I love their style.

New Mix: Tiny Country

New 8tracks mix! {listen here}

Mix includes: The Cave Singers, Mountain Man, Deer Tick, The Great Unknown, Tina Dico, The Whispertown 2000, The Lighthouse And The Whaler, and Heartless Bastards.

Fonts: RMS Typerighter


List Type

To-do lists are more enticing to fulfill when they look like this. Now if I only spent as much time doing this as I do the actual list items...

USB Necklace

I like this alot.

Letters Of The Day

Cool, but the only thing is I think these were dead octopi...


Portfolio Website

YAY! My site exists! You can visit it {here}, but there's nothing on there... but stay tuned! My portfolio will be up and running in the next few weeks. I also just purchased a domain name for my blog, so I will be moving it soon. Kind of sad, but it needs to be done.

New Mix: Lightweight

New 8tracks mix! {listen here}

Mix includes: The Cure, Girls, The Arcade Fire, Kinski, Broken Social Scene, Band Of Horses, Interpol, Grand National, The Flaming Lips,
and The Dandy Warhols.

Fonts: Interstate

Magazine Type

Siaw Misa
Issue One Magazine
It's refreshing to see magazine layouts with experimental type. It adds so much substance to the articles.



Yay for re-vamping old projects! This was a hypothetical bath product line that I designed labels for. It was a really sweet. Coming soon I'll have pictures of the finished products and other projects I am working on also.

Fonts: Garamond Premier Pro & hand drawn type for the logo

Album Art

Yehrin Tong
Gorgeous album art. Her use of type and pattern is exquisite. I suggest looking through her crazy pattern designs on her website.