Clean Type//Simple Shapes

Supply Ltd
Good simple design from these guys. Their website is also very interesting. Beautiful concept and design, but not very intuitive.
Still, I like it.


New Mix: Fresh Cuts!

New 8tracks mix! {listen here}

Mix includes: The Radio Dept., Tanlines, Cults, Metronomy, Twin Sister, Tennis, SPORTS, Oberhofer, Memoryhouse, Baths. Enjoy!

Font: Bello Pro


Sailor Type

I am obsessed with hand drawn type, duh. But sailor type!? My favorite. When I first started drawing type, in high school (when I didn't know what I was doing), I drew sailor type. I know it's not called that, but I started calling it that and now I can't stop. Anyways, beautiful work Jon.


X-mas Type

They have the best package designs! I always love them to pieces. This is for a Christmas perfume. So sweet!


Botanical Type

Teagan White
New illustrated typography from Teagan! I love her work. See a previous post here.


Swash Type

I love logos with beautiful swashes. Only if they are PERFECT though. And these ones are.


November 2010 Wallpaper!

Nov. '10 Wallpaper
Sorry it's so late guys. But here it is! 9 different resolutions, including one for an iPhone.


Adventure Time With Finn And Jake

Adventure Time With Finn And Jake
This is the awesome show I mentioned earlier. The video is the original pilot and doesn't look very much like the current animation style (seen above), but it is still very mathematical.

Adventure Time

Christopher Martin
This was from Chris. We've started watching this cartoon called Adventure Time and it is absolutely ridiculously awesome. They say things like, "totally math!" and "algebraical!" and "what the nuts!?" and wave their arms around like spaghetti. It is fantastic. Oh, and that's Moose, my cat.


Animal vs Human

Caitlin Hackett
One of my favorite artists. Her new giant works are just fantastic. I wish I could see them in person!