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For class we do this thing where someone shares something useful with everyone else. Something not everyone might know. For instance we had someone come in with a bunch of delicious food items and conjure up healthy snacks for us kids who just sit in front of the screen of death all day long. Someone else shared how to create a card that slides out the bottom when you pull up the top. My friend Dane brought in a bunch of tie-dying stuff and tie-dyed some of his nicest undies.

You get the picture. So this week is my turn. I don't have anything too crazy, just some useful information and good links to share.

First is an article that the blog It's Nice That posted just recently. It consists of a list of testimonials from recently graduated student designers, what they're up to, and their portfolio site. Really, really interesting and useful. <Part 1>  <Part 2>

Next is a very tiny list of blogs I frequent for good design shit:
* No Talent Cunt
* 1983 • Did you catch that?
* The Strange Attractor

And last is a very obvious one, but I figured I'd bring it up in case there is one person who doesn't know. Behance Network  is really important for us to get on once we are done with school and have all our portfolio shit together. It is basically a secondary portfolio for us creatives. You can post all of your projects and get feedback and praise. Also, it's a good place to list your website and your availability status.

Well, I hope at least one of these was helpful! Good luck all graduates this year!

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