Boss Not Boss

So guys, looks like this is the end. I am transferring all of my brain powers to a different blog. It's okay, don't cry! I've cried enough for the both of us... But, needs my help! Also, I know when a good thing has run its course. Boss Not Boss, originally created by Christopher Martin & Hamilton Boyce (and now joined by me), is an all-creative, all-inspiring, all-crazy blog that posts things you can't see anywhere else! Some cool things you can find on it are: personal interviews with local artist of all kinds, impressive work from people in many different creative fields, good new music finds, awesome personal projects from the authors, etc., etc.. It is definitely the next up and coming blog to follow. Trust me. However, just in case anyone needs to reference the link library or any previous post on this blog, I will keep it up. And I will probably keep adding to it throughout the years as a way to keep my thoughts organized. Okay, so this is goodbye... but be sure to follow on!

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